You will need to complete an application form. If you do not have a vivarium, new and secondhand vivariums are available for purchase at the centre.

If you purchase a vivarium from us then we will make sure it is set up for you, if you have your own vivarium we will ask for pictures and measurements and what heating, uv and thermostat you have.

All re-homing will be at the discretion of the re-homing officer, to ensure you adopt a suitable reptile for your lifestyle and experience. A home visit may need to be carried out at any stage of the adoption process.

ALL REPTILES MUST BE RETURNED TO US IF YOU CAN NO LONGER KEEP OR CARE FOR THEM. The terms and conditions that you sign state that they must be returned to the RSPCA Brighton Branch Reptile Rescue.

You will need to provide two forms of up to date identification for re-homing such as a Passport or Drivers licence and then a household bill or bank statement with current address.

After choosing a suitable reptile and the adoption paperwork has been completed, an adoption fee starting from FROM £20 is required. This only partially covers some of our costs for food, heating, veterinary treatment

This also ensures we can help more reptiles in need

Thank you for your support

Reptiles awaiting a home

You can visit and view the reptiles that need a loving home. Check back regularly as we will update these pages frequently and keep them up to date. If you have any questions at all, feel free to call us or whatsapp the same number

Our Reptiles
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